Why Bearfoot?

As parents ourselves, we understand that choosing the best educational child care for your child is one of the hardest decisions you have to make. Quite simply, we believe that Bearfoot Lodge Private School is the best preschool for what you want as a parent and what your child needs to grow and thrive. We believe that we are the best preschools in Sachse and Wylie, Texas.

Want the scoop from a family who is already enrolled with us?  We’ll be happy to put you in contact with some of our currently enrolled families who have recently gone through the same search you are conducting right now. Click here to read some of our Parent Preschool Testimonials.

What I Want as Preschool Parent

Quality, Caring Teachers I Trust

“I want my child to feel loved and to feel “special.” I want teachers who are chosen not only for their education and teaching skills but also for their love of children. They should be trained and certified to care for my child’s safety and well-being.”

Quality of School

“I want the school to be warm and inviting, in good repair and condition, and conductive to a positive learning environment. There should be a variety of activities to give my child a well-rounded experience (school, playground, library, educational toys, arts and crafts, etc.).”

Health and Nutrition

“ The school should offer a variety of healthy foods to my child. It is important that my child actually “likes” the food, so that he or she will actually “eat” the food. I want my child to experience daily physically activities.”

Convenience, Flexibility & Availability

“My child’s school must be open year-round with extended hours so that I can drop off my child early or pick later, when necessary. I would like the opportunity to choose flexible schedule to suit my family’s needs. I want access to visit my child during his or her day. When my child graduates to Elementary School, I would like him/her to have a safe, supervised and fun place to go, before and after school, and on school breaks.”


“I expect open and honest communication about y child with the option to be able to talk to someone at the school throughout the day. I would like reports, newsletters or e-mails on a regular basis. I want to be informed about my child’s progress, behavior and socialization through Parent Teacher Conferences along with the opportunity to offer feedback through an annual Parent Survey.”


“There must be policies and procedures in place to ensure my child’s safety and well-being at all times. I need to have peace of mind each time I leave my child.”

We listen to our families to provide a solid foundation for positive and meaningful early educational experiences for their children.